Sell Me Your Comic Books!

Turn those old comic books into instant cash.

Do you have a comic book collection that is collecting dust? Maybe you need some extra cash. Contact us for the best prices on your comic books. We have been in the comic book business for over 20 years specializing in rare and collectible comic books. Please choose any of the options below to view a list of comic books that we are presently seeking.

Selling Your comics

If I want to sell comic books, what path should I take? You have many paths to choose from when selling old comic books. Before starting your endeavor, keep in mind that some paths are more time-consuming than others are. You should calculate how much time you have to invest so that you can choose the best path that fits your schedule.

one at a time

One option is to sell your comics one at a time. This option is time-consuming, but you can make a lot of money if you have a good comic collection. If most of your comics have little value, then you should probably sell them differently. The fees at eBay and other similar places will eat most of your profit.

Small Chunks

Another option is to sell your collection in small chunks. This option is still time-consuming, but it requires far less time than selling them one at a time. You can piece together your comic books by series. For example, you can sell your Spider Man comic books in one set and your Archie comic books in another set.

All At Once

You can even sell your comic books all at once. This is the fastest way to sell your collection. Be prepared to haggle if you plan to sell your collection all at once. Who buys comic books? We may have interest in purchasing your whole collection. Once we see the spreadsheet of your comic collection, we may make an offer to buy them all. This option can save you months of hassle.

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